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More than two decades have passed since the first parties announced a breeding ground for entertainment aimed at the electronic music in Brazil. Since then formed a solid market bringing daily demands for talent, solutions and results.

August 2012 is marked by the union of three visionary entrepreneurs to create a new talent agency dedicated to music in Sao Paulo. Coming from an upgrade of 3Plus Talent agency devoted to new firm "Plus Talent" opens two offices abroad, further expanding its field of action in the market.

The Plus Talent is worth the experience gained over nearly 20 years serving the entertainment market in Brazil. The launch of the new brand and reposition the company meets the new demands not only in music but also in electronic indie rock. The change of name, logo, and approach comes from betting and the incorporation of a maturing market where the root is the complete planning of events ranging from hiring artists to advice with visas, international procurement and logistics. The attendance at different levels of demand, with special care contracts, payments, visas and logistics are also a sign of the new agency.

And awarded the small underground clubs to large festivals. From advertising campaigns to complete multimedia conglomerates: a full suite of scalable solutions and punctuates the service catalog of Plus Talent. His new core of local talent Brazilians lead to several countries. Counting also has offices in London, New York and Curitiba she happens to meet demands for Brazilian talent also emerging in international territories. Local agents will devote on finding and designing national talents and place them on the market.

The focus of Plus Talent is customer service. Synergy and a closer relationship with the end customer will be the main goals of the new company.

The agency currently subscribes for artistic advice (segment e) events such as the SWU, Dream Valley Festival, Planet Earth and Rio Music Conference. It also provides solutions to agencies and talent as XYZ Live, Geo Events, B / Ferraz and others. Brands like Red Bull, Adidas and Diesel are also on his list of clients where the need and desire of the media projection is translated into content, licensing and exclusive artists.

Luiz Eurico is the creator of the award winning festival Skol Beats and has worked with almost all the names of the EDM world. Edo van Duyn designed talents as DJ Marky, Rascal, and Copacabana club in Europe. Conchon Silvio is one of the curators of festivals like In the House and Pulp, has extensive experience with organizing events and international tours.

We took our structure to what is best in the entertainment market. The fact that both operate on the side of managing the casting of our artists as advice on events allows us insight bilateral unique in this market, it gives us a very big strategic advantage" says Luiz Eurico Klotz, a founding partner of Plus Talent.

Luiz Eurico Klotz
Edo Van Duyn
Silvio Conchon
Andréa Galasso
Alexandro Pessoa
Lilian Gomes
Cecília Moreira
Rodrigo França
Patrícia Kono
Denise Klein
Gabriela Lorenssato
Luis Claudio BOKA
Marina Rojas
Maria Clara Almeida
International Dept
Joana Lage
Gabriel Lisboa